Because we're all doomed to be postmodernists. Maybe I more than others. Like I was once told, you can't aspire to be a CEO and still believe in human rights.

At about 8:30pm, I decide I’ll have an early night in. Get into bed, maybe read, or watch an episode of Ergo Proxy and even have a slice of brioche.

Didn’t happen. I’m posting a witty comment on my facebook profile about my lack of knowledge on Moroccan geography, when BAM it hits me, I have a geopolitical map of Africa to draw for tomorrow morning.

Well it’s done. Just now. At 11:30pm, and I just got hit by a massive attack of the munchies I’ll be taking my huge bowl of german fruit loops into bed and watching some Anime in Italian, since that’s all I have left on my computer.

Good night.

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