Because we're all doomed to be postmodernists. Maybe I more than others. Like I was once told, you can't aspire to be a CEO and still believe in human rights.

Smoking, drinking and burning investment bank prospectuses. We really aren’t the 99%, but we can show some yuppie support.

On a more serious note, and just because I can’t bare to make fun of the good people at Occupy Wall Street, I’m going to link you to their tumblog. Every now and again when I have the courage to go take a look, I become so grateful of having had the luck of having been born into socio-economic security (a rarity on a global scale).  But most importantly, I feel so lucky to be European. We may have our share of problems but people don’t come out of university hundreds of grand in debt, with no prospect of employment, unable to afford healthcare, and that’s the central theme of most the life stories on We Are The 99%.

Americans may believe themselves to be one massive middle class but Europe has always had a clear and defined view of it’s social structure and that’s honestly why we’ve managed to at least partially solve many of our woes (though many a century it took). Europe now has the highest GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness) in the world.

It’s about time America’s down-and-despondent were heard and represented.

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