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Today was Lille’s annual Gay Pride, and let me tell you, the gays were particularly proud this year. Or maybe that was just the Wonderbra-exposing-lesbians I marched with. I particularly loved the Socialist Party float we followed, there to remind us that the socialists are gay-friendly! Lots of silly people dancing, lots of sharing booze with random strangers and just a few awkward heteros, so all in all a damn good march.

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Almendra (feigning) being a boss at punting.

As part of my let’s-forget-i’m-awaiting-results plan, I went up to Oxford last weekend to see Mika, Mika of the cute cute things. Watched the chaos of 7th division rowing races, had brunch at St Hilda’s, then did a bit of punting down the river Isis. Now I may or may not have been thrown over by a tree branch, caught a sunburn and swallowed a fly. Our punt was quite accordingly named the Dirty Dames, causing much raucous laughter to all those who punted past us. Later that afternoon Mika went off to pretend to be a feminist (which she later won a rather pompous “Oxford Women in Politics” prize for), and I feeling rather spinsterish asked Wilhelm to come down for dinner.

All in all, it was quite lovely, and I got to spend the next few days with my love, before coming back to France on Tuesday evening. And there we go, now you’re all caught up with what I’ve been up to.

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Betty Boop, looking sexful as ever in Montmartre.

I don’t suppose I mentioned I was dallying through la capitale 11 days ago? Of course not, I’ve been on a concours-detox and just about manage to keep track of the days passing, by way of meal times.

Everybody loves playing tourist in their own country, you can denigrate all the foreigners, all the while being in the same clueless position as they are. You can jump queues just because it is YOUR national heritage and thus you should have priority. You can look condescendingly down your nose at those who line up before the Louvre, when everyone knows there’s no queue if you go through the shopping centre below. And lastly, only you and your fellow frenchmen can complain about how filthy Paris is, everyone else deserves to have your hand rolled cigarette stubbed out on their foreheads and smacked a few times with your béret.

Oh and all those photos you took in front of Montmartre, le Pont des Arts, le Musée d’Orsay and la Tour Eiffel… those were totally ironic. Pfff.

Last night, after a 3 hour coach ride from Lille, France to Lommel, Belgium we arrived at the Vossemeren Center Parc. So it seems there are Center Parcs a little bit everywhere, in the UK, in Belgium, in France, etc and the general idea is that they place lots of bungalows all around a lake and in the forest surrounding it, and then they build an aqua park, sport centres, business centres, rock climbing walls, boats, golf courses, spas etc all around. And you buy passes to do the activities. So our uni rented out 8-people bungalows and swim passes for the week. Aquamundo comprises of pools and slides and an indoor waterfall, and there are flamingos walking around. What more can you want?

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Finished my concours and off to Belgium! Yes… this is what I’m bringing, that should do for  three days?

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V for Victory.

On this 8th of May, national holiday in France commemorating Victory in Europe Day, I’m celebrating a small personal victory, the end of all the hard exams! No the concours do still carry on till next Tuesday… but I no longer have to study for them, as they are unstudiable, though now that I think about it a quick look through the Bescherelle would probably be of benefit…

And today was surprisingly productive, cleared through all the junk I want to get rid off, downloaded a mass of Cantonese study material and sorted out my plans for the next month or so (v. busy!). Sat down to start reading Swann’s Way, as usual didn’t get past the first 4 pages, though they all say once you get into the plot it’s lovely, so I’m determined to get ‘into it’.

Also if anyone was in doubt, that’s the ever lovely Adèle modelling on behalf of all prépa students everywhere.

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Chinatown // Alex Gaudino // 2012

If anyone’s feeling low, this is sure to pick you up, if only just to see Gaudino stretching his eyes out. And as this was evidently filmed in Italy (hence the Ristorante Cinese signs), this fits perfectly into my Italian revision (or so I tell myself).

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